Since 2003 the McGhee Concrete Construction Company has installed the concrete for over 250 new homes within the Kansas City, MO area. Removed and replaced countless driveways, patios, sidewalks, and steps. We also offer concrete retaining walls. With over 20 years experience in hardscapes (i.e. stained, color stamp concrete) polished concrete floors we will bring knowledge to your project.Commercial concrete projects are a large percentage of our business. From removing and replacing a 35,00 sq ft floor in a department store to adding concrete for a new store front no job is too big or too small.If you need concrete removal & replaced so it can handle light vehicle traffic the next day, we have a mix design formulated for that scenario.


Midwest winters are brutal on concrete, especially commercial properties. the amount of salt used for ice melt causes concrete to “Flake”. Once this starts it can not be stopped. McGhee Const can make small repairs to save you the cost of removing all concrete in the affected area and just replacing what is damaged. Safe concrete parking lots and sidewalks repaired for minimal cost will make for a better profit margin for our customers. For the most professional concrete driveway installation contact us at the number listed below.


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